Anchor locker hatch with cracked fiberglass on the left side - its very soft when you step on it

Detail of the fiberglass crack

Plywood core is wet and rotten, fiberglass was just peeled off without any adhesion

Detail of wet core

Wet core peeling off the hatch fiberglass

...and again

Clean hatch without plywood core

New marine plywood core (5mm)

Glassed plywood core with the epoxy peanut butter into the curved shape of the original hatch and overglassed with 600g/m2 fiberglass mat and white polyester resin. Now its damn solid and smooth to touch!

Anchor locker deck plywood core - PO tried to fix it, but its wet and rotten

...details of the unsuccessful fix

Grinded all loose fiberglass and wood on the sides of the locker

Deck view without plywood core


New marine plywood core (9mm) in place glued with epoxy peanut butter. Screws from the deck holds it in the place until its cured.

Then I put two layers of the glass all over the locker so there will be no leaks into V-berth anymore.

Now it's completely sealed anchor locker (all hardware sealed with butyl)

Painted with two part white polyurethane

Almost final look (still have to add new gasket and fix the lights wiring)

Fixed wiring

Cut the groove for anchor line (cleaned from the old gasket)

Final look (without gasket as I dont see a reason for it)